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Nisan 2011

chatroulette is a bit of a gamble, basically you just attach the webcam and click a button and then you are randomly matched with a “chat partner”, you might find a relatively normal person, but most likely.

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. its last vandalbot attack is the Random Page Game. This is where you go to Failcyclopedia and press the Random Page Button. See how many times you can hit the button before you get to an actual unvandalized article.

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So apparently “Keenspot”, a huge webcomic host, is the wrong address, and Adblock wants to send me to Teenspot.. (My apologies for typoing your name in the previous comment. Ironic, but entirely unintentional.)
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Kids, Media Intimacy: What’s Love Got to Do With It...

Or “I love you” status lines when you just saw the ‘relationship’ button was lit up with another name only last week.

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