The sextons clan of ireland

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The sextons clan of ireland

The History of Blairgowrie

The History of Blairgowrie By John A. R. MacDonald (1899) lairgowrie/

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Ireland.—An estimate of the population of Ireland was made as early as 1672, by Sir W. Petty, and another in 1712, in connexion with the hearth-money, but the first attempt to take a regular census was made in 1811, through the.

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Genealogy of the Irvine Clan - Irvine Genealogy

"There is no district in all of Ireland so rich in armorial bearings as the neighborhood of Lame. The churchyards of Carncastle, Glynn, and Raloo abound with them. The churchyard of Raloo is over-grown with long grass and weeds.


I hope the Irvines who read this history will understand that the titled Irvines are not of more distinguished descent than those of the Clan who bear the same name.

A Modest Proposal and other short works

above one or two instances under the age of six, even in a part of the kingdom so renowned for the quickest proficiency in that art.

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Once properly dedicated, the early Board of Managers and the Sextons went to work improving the Cemetery. By 1865, they had selected a design, constructed a Receiving Vault, enclosed the grounds and planted appropriate trees. log